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Friday, September 15, 2017

Kakimori DIY notebook review

Read about our visit to Kakimori here

At Kakimori, we put together our own notebooks, see that blogpost for more information. 

I put together a B5 size notebook with rose gold ring, a leather button and a decorative cover. 
For the paper options, I chose a few packs of travel journal and dotgrid layouts and an envelope, a cardboard dashboard was also provided! 

It was really fun putting this notebook together. I had the idea of a trip journal with the travel journal pages, the extra dot grid pages and the envelope to hold travel ephemera or receipts. 

The paper feels nice and of good quality (by the way, you can find out at the store which of papers are fountain pen friendly). I really like the leather button too and the whole thing put together is really sturdy, perfect for everyday or travel. 

I can't bear to use the notebook yet, I'm waiting for a special trip to use it. 

Did you go to Kakimori and made your own notebook? Tag us on instagram, we'd love to see your notebook creation. 


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