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Friday, March 2, 2018

HEDERA Stationery Collection

TSUTAYA (chain of stores which sell CDs/DVDs alongside books and stationery) has released their very own stationery collection. Named HEDERA, the collection consists of items in 3 of the most instaworthy color groups > matte black, silver and rose gold. 

Needless to say, I am quite a big fan of rose gold items.

There are some staples such as a mechanical pencil, gel ink pen, ruler and pen knife.

The stapler is rather unique as you can adjust it to shut itself. It ends up looking like a rose gold lipstick case. Very pretty and yet functional. FYI, the stapler can staple up to ten pages of paper.

The tape case is rather unique and originally came with a roll of scotch tape. I replaced it with a roll of masking tape i use often in my journal. (You can purchase the masking tape and the rose gold clips in our etsy store here.)

Do you have a love for rose gold stationery? or perhaps a different color scheme? Check out the full range here.

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