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Friday, May 18, 2018

Daiso Marker Pens

Have you ever walked around the Daiso stationery section and wondered if the pens are worth your money? I did too so I bought them to test so you don't have to. 

These Daiso pens are the Water based marker pens. I picked up 3 sets, 2 pastel and a metallic. 

The first pastel set is a yellow, pink and orange and it looks like a traditional highlighters especially the yellow, which is more neon that pastel. 

The second pastel set is purple, blue and green and are very nice and pastel. I can definitely see this being used in my bullet journal. 

Lastly, the metallic set contains a blue, pink and a green. The only way to describe these are that they are a thicker version of a metallic pen. The ink comes out with a layer of metallic ink that does rub off so be careful with it. With or without the metallic layer, the colours are still pretty. 

Overall, the markers are good quality with pretty colours. They are a bit chunky for carrying around in a kit but would be great for using in a diary/planner/bullet journal. 

Are you planning to buy these markers? Did you see other colours? Let me know in the comments! 



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