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Friday, June 22, 2018

Coharu Washi Tape Printer by Kingjim (Hiyori by Mizutama)

Kingjim makes a series of label printers that are geared towards more casual, girl, colorful users. Some of the printers are able to print on special ribbon and then there's the Hiyori, which was created with one of my favourite illustrators, Mizutama. 

What is it? 

It's a label printer with a twist! It not only prints labels, it can also print on special washi tape and there are hole punches in a variety of shapes to create diary/planner stickers. 

The entire Mizutama collection consists of the printer, label paper, hole punches and little folders with pockets to hold the labels/stickers.  Other items from the Coharu line can be used with this printer. 

One thing to note is that whilst the buttons are labelled in english, the system language is in Japanese. Nothing a little playing around won't solve, it's easy to get a hang once you spend a bit of time trying the various settings. Besides the usual settings like font, style, there are also Mizutama exclusive icons and preset greetings like happy birthday. 

The hole punch is an optional accessory, it's a handle and the punches are sold separately and interchangeable. It's easy to swap it out and easy to align the label to get the right punch. Great for making smaller stickers for monthly layouts or similar. 

The mini folder is a newer addition to the collection and is very useful. There are  3 pockets and will hold quite a variety of labels/stickers, perfect for travel. 

The Hiyori is one of most used tools, I do recommend it.


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