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Friday, July 6, 2018

Kokuyo pon!pon! Donut Seal Stamp + Mister Donut Collab

Do you recall the clear or white ring shaped stickers for protecting the ring holes on paper for filing inside binders? Kokuyo has come up with a dispenser design which makes them a lot easier to stick and they have also made some extremely pretty stickers as well!

There is even a mister donut limited edition collaboration!

Usage is fairly straight forward. If you are trying to stick it around a hole, then all you have to do is insert the cap underneath the paper, line up the holes and push the dispenser down to stick a seal perfectly each time.

Changing the designs around is not difficult either. Simply press the button on the side and the middle stick will fall out. Pull out the seals inside and refill it with the next stack of your choice.

You can also use them as you would a normal sticker. The mister donut collab ones are perfect for it!

FYI, The pens above are from the SaRASA X mister donut LE collab.

Have you tried these? What do you think of them?

Official webpage here.


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