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Friday, September 7, 2018

King Jim 'KITTA'

Kingjim's Kitta range is the answer to the question; "how do I carry multiple washi tapes with me when I'm out/travelling?" For as long as washi tape has been around, people have been trying to find a way to bring their washi tape collection into their kits.

The Kitta range combines the texture of washi tape in a convenient card sized package. Each seal set is credit card sized, which makes it easy to slip into your notebook pocket or pencil case. 

There are 3 lines, the Kitta Basic, which includes 4 designs of regular width washi tape strips, Kitta Slim, same as before but slimmer and has 8 designs and the Kitta Seal, which consists of marking seals, picture corners and index markers. 

The Basic and Slim are pre cut washi strips, each piece has it's own backing paper. The difference between these and fusen is that fusen is only adhesive on one end whilst the Kitta tape is fully adhesive. A regular ballpoint pen can be used to write on the strips but a marker is recommended. 

The Seal range has a more smooth sticker like texture. Most are semi-opaque which means you can write on the sticker or write on the paper before sticking the seal on your writing. With these, I would recommend using a marker and not a ballpoint pen. The picture corners are strong enough to hold down an instax card but are still reposition-able. 

The best part of the kitta seal however, is that if you don't want to carry the entire pack with you, you can tear off individual sheets of the Basic/Slim tape designs and an entire sheet off the Seal (perforated cut included!)  

I like how each set has a theme which shows in not just the cover but the designs as well. The colours are also pretty and very usable. Kingjim appears to be releasing new designs all the time, so time to collect them all? 

Lastly, if you buy too many of these, which is very possible, I recommend a look at my stationery storage ideas blogpost for how I store them. 


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