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Friday, October 19, 2018

Store Update! Sticker Release Paper!

A while ago, we released A5 sticker release paper on our Etsy store. We’re now excited to announce that it is now available in A4 size!

Sticker release paper is a smooth coated paper that allows for the temporary placement of stickers, much like the sticker books of your childhood. So yes, the paper is reusable as much as you want.

We stock double sided paper, which is perfect for a variety of uses which I’ll go into more detail below.

Our A5 sticker release paper can be used in our clear 6 ring binder (pictured above), a 2 ring file, slide it into a folder, slot it into an A5 pocket folder or with some cutting, our sticker folder (currently out of stock, will be back soon!)

You can also create your own mini booklet, or go up a size to A4:

The A4 sticker release paper is very versatile.

Besides some of the same suggestions as the A5 paper such as inserting it into a folder, or using a 2 hole folder, you can also create your own travelers notebook insert! (or we can do it for you, subject to availability, please request a custom item if you do not see it on our store)

We’ve also found that it fits perfectly in our A4 slim compact foldable folder. The folder has 5 pockets and the pages are easily slid in or out for use and the best part is that it is the same size as a Travelers notebook.

Once again, our sticker release paper comes in A5 or A4 size, it is double sided and comes in a set of 10 sheets (20 usable pages!)

Purchase here: Sticker Release Paper , A4 slim folder, A5 6 ring clear binder

Also, our printer friendly A4 Washi sticker paper is back in stock!


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