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Friday, March 8, 2019

Review: Typo A5 Notebook Pencil Case

Typo is a great place to buy stationery. 
There's always a cute design or something you can pick up quickly as a gift for someone.

I was doing just that and spotted some cool new stuff, like this A5 Notebook pencil case.

It was S$11.99 and came in 2 colours, this peach/black and a black/red. 
To be honest, neither colour was particularly interesting to me but I really wanted to try it out. 

I decided to try it on 2 different A5 notebooks. 
First, the Filofax Clipbook. 

It works well around the entire thickness of the notebook but unfortunately did not work if you only wanted to keep it on the book cover. but to be fair, it could be because the elastic is new and therefore would loosen over time. 

Next, I put it on a hardcover notebook. 
It worked well on both the full thickness and just the cover. 

The final test, however, is the most important test. 

What will it fit? 

Unfortunately, this is where it disappoints. The pouch is not the full height of an A5 notebook so not all pens will fit. It also will not fit anything that isn't in the shape of a pen, such as corrector tape. 

Therefore, if you only need a pouch for your roughly 3 pens, this is perfect. 
Otherwise, I would suggest an actual pencil case.


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