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Friday, May 10, 2019

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo

Unless you've been living under a rock, you must have heard of the latest Starbucks Roastery store in Tokyo.

It is a brand new type of Starbucks store, of which there are currently only 5 (including Tokyo).
The Tokyo store, located in the Meguro area, is the biggest, comprising of 4 floors and a dedicated Teavana tea bar. 

Since it's a new store, there were reports of really long queues of people wanting to visit.  
I visited 2 months after the opening and decided to give it a try. 
The queue process was relatively simple and easy. 

  1. I arrived around 11.30am and headed to the building next to the main Starbucks building where I received a queue number. 
  2. When my number was called on a screen, I entered a queue in this small building where I waited to be moved to another queue of about 10 people in the front of the small building.
  3. When it's time, 2 staff members would escort this smaller queue to the entrance of Starbucks roastery.

I spent about 30mins doing the above 3 steps. Keep in mind that the queue later in the day is longer. 
Also, once you enter the building, the queues do not end. There are queues for food, drink and merchandise so budget your time accordingly. 

The good news is that the number of people allowed in the building at one time is restricted so even though I had to queue for my food/drink. I didn't have a problem locating a seat/table. 

The kind of good available include pastries, sandwiches and pizzas and it all comes out of an in-house bakery.
There are also an assortment of desserts and a drinks menu that is exclusive to the store.

I had a pepperoni sandwich and a cream macchiato and it was both very delicious. 

Overall, I feel it is worth a visit but get there early and be prepared to spend a few hours there.
If the queue numbers are too far from the front of the queue, there is a Don Quixote on the main street or the area is also known for it's cute stores.  

Now, on to the merchandise. 

As is with everything exclusive, Starbucks Roastery Japan has it's own range of merchandise that is only found in their store. Not just designed by Starbucks but also in collaboration with other brands. 

The obvious one is Travelers Factory. 

The collaboration goods included covers, inserts, stickers, masking tape and pens. 

Starbucks' own merchandise.

Gorgeous limited edition cards.

Other brands that have made exclusive goods for the store include Baggu, BEAMS, Tokyobike amongst other local and international brands. 

Lots of great products to look at and bring back as souvenirs. 
Note that there might a limit per person on the number of items you are allowed to buy. 

But other than that, happy shopping!

If you made it this far:

We have brought back some inserts to be added to our store soon. Stay tuned! 


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