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Friday, March 6, 2020

Multi Use Pens : PILOT Acroball White Line, 3M and Paperchase

As a stationery addict, I have always wished I could bring my entire collection with me no matter where I go. Alas, the bottomless bag has yet to be invented so what does one do?

The solution? Multi use pens!
There are many available but as an example, we will look at 3 which I own!
From left: PILOT Acroball White Line, 3M Post It Highlighter pen, Paperchase sticky notes double ended pen.

Maker: 3M
Usages : One end has Post-it tabs and the other is a Highlighter

 Maker: Paperchase
Usages : One end has a ball point pen and the other is a Highlighter. The cap covering the highlighter also dispenses sticky film tabs!

Maker: PILOT
Product Name: Acroball White Line
Usages : One end has correction tape and the other is a 3-color pen which changes as you turn the middle of pen to the corresponding color marked (Blue, Black, White). The pens and tape are refillable!

Personally, I use the Acroball a lot and is something I bring out with me quite often as I do not have as much to highlight. Have you tried any of these? Or do you have one to recommend?


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