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Friday, February 12, 2021

Review : みんなのツバメノート (Everyone's Swallow Notebook) Mook

Have you heard of Swallow Notebooks?

They are known as one of the most classic luxury Japanese college notebooks in Japan and are well loved by many stationery enthusiasts. So when they released a mook, I simply had to buy it!

There is a small booklet featuring the history of the notebook and various other related information.
However, the multi-use case is what I was really after.

At first glance, it is obvious the case is very well made. The design, a replica of their famous notebooks, is gorgeous to say the least. 

The case is lightly padded and the book bind doubles as a pen holder. There are also two zipper pulls featuring some beautiful rose gold charms of their logo.

The inside is light grey nylon with a detachable pencil case. It will fit an A5 notebook comfortably as well as many other things in its numerous compartments.

A beautiful functional piece which would be at home in anyone's stationery collection. 


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