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Friday, July 2, 2021

REVIEW : DAISO Vertical Masking Tape Holder

 DAISO has introduced a new way to store our beloved Masking Tapes! 

Introducing the Vertical Masking Tape holder :

It comes in 2 sizes. 

Compatible with tape up to 18mm [0.7inches] OR with wider tape up to 30mm [1.18inches]

To "load" the tape, simply open up the entire box and insert accordingly. Left handers like myself can rejoice as their are blades on both sides, making it possible for left or right handed cutting. Each holds up to 3 rolls of tape. Or you can fit more if they are narrower. I was able to fit 2 narrow rolls into one space for the wide tape.

To cut, you just have to open the little slot and tear it off at the edge of the blades. So easy!

The holders are perfect for travel as they are a pleasing simple clear design reminiscent of MUJI. You can also store them more easily by lining them up vertically for a clean look. The slim design also means you can slot them into narrow spaces.

Have you tried them out? What did you think?


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