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Friday, February 18, 2022

Review: Lihit Lab Hinemo Wide Open Pen Pouch


I'm always on the lookout for interesting looking pen cases/pouches.

I have so much stuff in my bag recently that I've been looking at pen pouch to store some loose items. 

This pen pouch from Lihit Lab's Hinemo line looked interesting and I really like the colour. 

This pouch comes in 2 sizes, I bought the smaller version and it claims to be able to fit around 20 pens that are 15cm or shorter (we'll test this below) 

The dimensions are 200 x 95mm and there's a big zip going across the case diagonally. 

It's made of a canvas called 'Fuji Kinbai' which is woven in Japan. 

The diagonally placed zip is it's main feature, it slides easily and without getting stuck. 

The pouch opens nice and wide and it's very spacious inside. 

As a bonus, the yellow canvas matches my yellow Delfonics pouch pretty well. 

I decided to test the 20 pen claim, here are 20 random pens I pulled from my desk. 

Only 17 fit, but as some pens are wider than normal pens, it's totally understandable. 
17 is still very impressive! 

At the moment, I only keep a few pens, correction tape, a paper clip and mini swiss army knife in my pouch. 

To conclude, it doesn't look bulky, the yellow makes it easy to spot and it holds quite a few things. 

In my opinion, this is a good pouch for your EDC. 

What do you think, is this the pouch for you? 


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