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Friday, March 4, 2022

Review : Hapila! Tsuku log - Masking Tape / Flake Sticker / Marker Collection Card

If you are like us, you must love collecting stationery. 
So when it comes to cataloguing them, what do you do? 

Japanese stationery brand Hapila! has come up with a new solution.
Introducing Tsuku Log Collection Cards!

Here are 3 I picked up to try
Each pack has 30 sheets [printed on both sides] and they are B6 in size.
They are also made of fairly thick paper so that the ink does not show on the other side. This is particularly useful for the marker collection card when you are swatching multiple markers. 

Flake Seal Collection Card

Masking Tape Collection Card

Marker Collection Card

These sheets can be stuck inside a diary or simply holed punched to be used inside a binder; making them very versatile.

Its really quite nice to be able to see at a glance one's stationery collection.
Will you be trying these out?


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