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Friday, April 1, 2022

New in store! Cherry blossom stickers and photostrips

 New to our Etsy store

Cherry blossom sticker sheet and photostrip set

The sticker sheet contains elements that are great for journalling. 

10 'cut washi tape' that are about 12-15mm tall. 
7 flowers and 8 petals, great for filling in spaces. 
8 round stickers, 30mm wide, 

Each sticker is kiss cut and the sheet is available in either gloss or matte. 
Personally, I prefer the matte XD. 

All the colours complement each other, it works well with our April printable too!

The photostrip set includes 4 photostrips with photos by us! 
Each strip has 4 photos, and the text is kiss cut too so you can use it in your journalling.

Also available in gloss and matte, we recommend gloss for more vibrant colours. 


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