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Friday, September 16, 2022

Review : AMIFA Sticker Collecting Sheet

 I love stickers! Whilst we tend to think about them for just journaling or scrapbooking, I've found myself reaching for them to decorate many other things like birthday cards or packages. Needless to say, I've started to carry sheets of them even when I go on trips. But this can get heavy esp when many of them are repetitions of the same things. So how do I "decant" them?

One of my favorite methods is to use the sticker release paper we stock in our store. Fully customizable down to the size you would need or even holed punched! (The store also offers custom TN sized booklets made with this paper. Check the listing ^^] See here.

A slightly less cost effective option would be to try these sticker collecting sheets!

Each package comes with 8 sheets which measure 9cm by 6cm.
They are made of a card like material making each sheet very thick [thicker than a standard name card]

As the name suggests, they are good for rolling out masking tape as well as stickers you want to bring on the go.

You can file these cards in any 6 hole binder. However due to their thickness, it is difficult to file more than 2 cards at a time without adding way too much bulk [even more bulky when you roll a lot of masking tape on it]

Overall, I prefer to use the sticker release sheets we have as it is less bulky, cheaper and has more surface area. However, one good use for these small cards would be how well they fit in one's wallet. You can easily collect stickers you encounter on your trip for scrapbooking or journaling later. 
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