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Friday, October 14, 2022

Midori Double Schedule 2023


It's time for the 2023 diary/journal releases.  

I used the same one from Midori for the last 2 years but I’ve changed my workflow recently so I decided it would be time to try something new. 

 I wanted something smaller, lighter and I didn't need a weekly layout anymore. 
The Midori double schedule seemed to fit those needs and it had an October start so I picked it up. 

The double schedule refers to a Monthly appointments layout and a Monthly To Do layout. 

The notebook is B6 sized, comes with a plastic cover (which is always appreciated) and has it's title in simple gold printing on the front.

I should mention that the title is on the plastic cover and not the notebook itself. 

Inside is a page explaining the suggested use for the to-do layout, which is the unique selling point of this notebook. 

Also, there is a ribbon bookmark, I like that this is a standard item in all planners/diaries. 

First up, we have the monthly appointments page layout. 
This has the month set out on 2 pages, it's meant to be an overview for your month, a quick way to see what's going on. Other than a title, it's a bit difficult to write descriptions or even time but I definitely appreciate being able to see everything happening in the month. 

After the monthly layout is the to do layout. 
It is also monthly set out in 2 pages but the month is set out on the top in a linear view. 

Above that are 2 lines with check boxes, these are your goals for the month. 

The linear month view is more suited to the Japanese language or similar languages where vertical writing can be used. It's a bit awkward to write english vertically but if you use abbreviations, it's definitely usable. 

Under each week is a column for to do items, this is my favourite part. 
I write constant lists, I use so many list apps and I need them to function. 
Separating the to do lists into weeks makes it easier for me to make sure things get done, planned, or scheduled.

The check boxes can be used in a bullet journal type situation, using symbols to mark items as in progress, done or to be moved to the following week. As a former bullet journal user, I took to this really quickly. 

My one gripe is that the spaces are a bit small which has meant I have had to write smaller and learn to use less information.  

Finally, there are 16 blank lined pages at the back for random note-taking, I've started using this feature more and more over the years because I don't like carrying too many notebooks. 

Midori even thought about how to separate the 2 layouts and there are notches in the pages so it's easier to flip between the monthly appointments and monthly to do pages.  

I really appreciate this feature although it might take me some time to get used to. 

As this is a notebook without a weekly layout, it is pretty thin, which makes carrying around in my bag pretty easy. 

I added a Leuchtturm1917 adhesive pen holder and it perfectly holds my pen. 

Together with my pen, the notebook weighs 137grams. Nice and light. 

Overall, I am extremely happy with this purchase, if you like bullet journalling but don't have time to set up the layouts every month or just need a basic monthly and to do list layout. This is a great notebook. 

Also, this uses Midori's classic creamy paper, which means less bleed and easy writing, the yellow paper is also easy on the eyes. 

If you're looking for a new journal/diary for 2023, definitely check this out! 


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