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Friday, December 9, 2022

Review: King Jim Kraft Notebook Cover

Do you know that feeling when you buy a new notebook and you don't want it to become dirty. 

The options are wrap it in plastic, buy a cover if one is available, leave it as is (shudder, the horror) and now King Jim have these Kraft notebook covers

The covers are made of washable kraft paper, look really smart, have an elastic look closure. 

They come in 4 sizes (A6, A5, B5 and A4) and 4 colours (Navy, Beige, Brown, Gray). 

I picked up 2 of the A6 sized covers in gray and beige that were on sale. 

The inside of the cover is very well constructed with very neat stitching. 

The inside of each vary slightly with each size. The A6 comes with 2 card sized pockets, 1 A6 height pocket, a half sized pocket, a pen holder, bookmark and a pocket for you to slide in the back of your notebook. 

Here I used a Midori A6 notebook and of course, it fit perfectly. 

I also inserted a notebook into the half size pocket, that works really well if a notepad is your paper of choice. 

I like that it has lots of storage, although the pen holder does have a limit for the size of pen that will fit. 

With the Midori notebook and the cover closed, it isn't as thick as one would think. 

In conclusion, these notebook covers are really useful and great for keeping your notebook and other things with it. 

If you're someone is carries a notebook around, this is definitely something you should look into. 

What do you think? Is this something you would purchase? 


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