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Friday, January 20, 2023

Review: Pentel Fudehajime, Brush pen for beginners


My brush calligraphy skills are still very lacking but I do enjoy buying different brush pens. 

The Fudehajime from Pentel is specifically for beginners. 

I picked up the pen in black and pale black ink colours. 

Pale black is almost grey, it has a watercolour like quality to it whilst the black is very pigmented.
The ink is also quick drying and it is recommend that you use paper for inkjet printers. 
I thought that was great as not everyone will have special calligraphy paper and so the pen can be used by anyone.

As a bonus, the pen cap works great as a pen rest. 

What makes the Fudehajime a beginner pen?

The length of the brush is the best for beginner level users.
A longer brush is for intermediate to pro level calligraphists.
It is also harder than a regular calligraphy brush pen, which means better control.  

As mentioned previously, the pale black ink is watercolour like.
It's not my favourite unfortunately. 

The pen itself is really easy to use, the brush is not too soft, not too hard and easy to control, which I really appreciated. 

The black ink is really nice on paper, I definitely prefer this to the pale black. 

The pen designs are also really pretty, they are based on traditional Japanese art.

Overall, if you're looking into getting into brush pens/calligraphy, this will be a good pen to pick up. 

Fudehajime, Fude means brush, hajime means first/beginning and it really lives up to it's name. 

What do you think? Would you try this out? 


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