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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Review: Pilot ILMILY highlighter in Night Sakura


I love my highlighters. 

Contrary to popular belief, they're a very versatile writing tool. 

Stationery brands agree, and here we have the ILMILY color two color highlighter by pilot. 
The ILMILY line of pens also includes a ballpen, both products are colour changing. 
There is a primary colour that you write/highlight with and you apply friction with a rubber tip at the other end of the pen to change the colour of the ink. 

I purchased the highlighter in the colour 'Night Sakura'. 

The primary colour being 'Night', a midnight blue and the colour changer being 'Sakura', which is of course, pink!

The night colour is too dark to highlight text but is great for adding colour to a page, the sakura colour is a nice accent. 

Unfortunately, because the friction required is quite a lot, it was difficult to draw shapes using the rubber end. Straight lines are easier and produce a better result. 

Other than minor detail, the night sakura version of the ILMILY line is really nice. 
I'm impressed that the colours are both quite different but they compliment each other and produce a nice effect. 

I'll definitely look out for more of these pens. 


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