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Friday, October 20, 2023

Review: DAISO Extra mini strap scissors

A pair of scissors is always useful on the go and here at TN5C we are always looking for the most convenient travel friendly edition out there.
This new discovery over at DAISO might just be the one!
For one thing, its definitely the smallest we have seen so far!

Here it is out of the packaging!
The scissors have a built in mini spring so you do not need to put your fingers into it. There is also an accompanying lid to ensure you don't cut anything by mistake.

The size in detail:

There is also a strap attached to it so you can easily hang it off your pencil case or bag etc.

Overall, its not the easiest to use if you are trying to cut a lot but for the occasion cutting of clothing tags or packaging whilst you are on the go, it is perfect!

Have you tried it out?


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