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Friday, December 22, 2023

Review : Midori MD paper correction tape

This year we reviewed a lot of correction tape and it seems fitting that we end the year with a review of one more.

Whilst getting ourselves ready for 2024, we have also purchased MIDORI's very own correction tape that is made specifically for MD paper.

The cream tape dispensed is 6mm wide.

The packaging is as one would expect of the MD range. Very sleek and simplistic.

There are japanese instructions printed on the back of the package and english instructions on the inside of the package.

So how does it compare to the other cream based correction tape that we have reviewed so far?
As you can see, it is the least opaque compared to the other two but as the label promises, it is an exact match for MD paper.

For those who use a lot of MD paper based products, this is a must have! The lack of opacity doesnt bother me since one would just write over it anyway. However, I do wish they put out other widths as 6mm is too wide even for their own lined books.

What do you think?


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