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Friday, June 7, 2024

Review: Sunstar Ninipie Deco


I've tried a few different types of highlighters over the years but this is the first to combine a thick pen tip with a thin pen tip. 
The ninipie deco by Sunstar is solving the problem of having to carry too many pens around. 

The most interesting thing is that to have pen tips of different thicknesses, the thin pen tip is at at angle, which a is bit unnatural for writing. 

This highlighter might take a bit of practise to get used to. 
I found it a little uncomfortable to use, it felt like something was in the way when I tried to use either pen tip. However, the ink and pen tips were smooth and other than the slight uncomfortable angle, if you can get used to it, is a great tool to have. 

Overall, the colours are really pretty, I think the trend of the pastel highlighters instead of neon colours is great and easy on the eyes. 
Would I keep using it though? I don't tend to carry pens around as I work from home so this product isn't for me but if you're a student or someone who needs to keep your pen storage light, this is right up your alley. 


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