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Friday, July 5, 2024

Review: Oitoco Sticky notes case

I love thin film fusen [sticky notes] over highlighting a book. However, though its small and easy to store, they end up getting dirty or damaged in my pen case.
I have tried storing them inside pockets in my diary or folder but it can be a bit troublesome to fish them out to use.

Recently, Oitoco released a case just for storing them~ 

The design is simple and sleek.
Case size: W19 x D11 X H114mm
It is shorter than a standard pen and will fit in a pencil case easily.

Since its quite long, you can fit two types next to each other [as shown in picture]
Max size of sticky notes it can fit : 9mm x 50mm with a max thickness of 1.5mm
A simple and effective solution to the problem I have been having.
What do you think?


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