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Friday, May 5, 2017

Monami Livecolor DIY Markers

The coffee drinker and I were on a trip to Seoul recently and of course we went stationery shopping! We noticed that a lot of the pens were from a brand called Monami, which is a Korean stationery maker of office supplies, pens and other writing instruments. 

Most of the pens were pretty standard, but the Live Color DIY display caught my eye. It's basically a pick and mix pen system. You pick from 3 pen holders and 4 different types of pen (highlighter, marker and felt tip and ball point) in various colours to create your own double sided pen. I took a really long time to decide but it was so cheap (starts from USD0.20 for the pen holder and USD0.50 for the screw on pens) , I should've just bought it all. 

In the end, I chose highlighters for bullet journaling and the coffee drinker chose normal markers. I love that it's 2 sided because it reduces the number of pens in my kit and the colors are also pretty decent if you're into the pastel/light colors. I hope they expand it to include darker colors and more pen holder designs. 

P.S We've updated our Etsy store with new items! 



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