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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Seoul - Co:lumn

The coffee drinker and I met up in Seoul for a trip a few weeks ago. We did the usual tourist thing, shopping thing but on the last day, we decided we would cafe hop! Turns out the area nearby had a few cafes so off we went to explore. 

Our first stop, because we were hungry, was Co:lumn. It is a converted warehouse in an industrial area, if that sounds like it wouldn't be easy to find, you would be right. The entrance is pretty nondescript save for a couple of boards, only the coming and going of people hinted that there was something there. 

You pay an entry fee at the door for the art gallery and that gets you a drink. This fee is mandatory if you want to eat at the restaurant/cafe. There are 2 spaces, one has the drinks bar/order counter and the other has the kitchen. Both spaces were big with high ceilings, lots of natural light and filled with art.  

We went on a Saturday so it was pretty crowded but some skilful loitering scored us a table. We ordered our drinks and food (both self service, hence the buzzer) and waited, picking up the food from the kitchen when it was ready. 

I thought the tea was a bit weak, but the food was amazing and I really enjoyed the whole experience. Definitely stay to admire the artwork, take some photos in the natural light. Perfect way to spend a slow day. 

Have you been to this space? What did you think?  


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