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Friday, June 2, 2017

Review: MINISO Color Marker + Aquarelle Brush

Earlier this year, TN5C went on a stationery hunting trip in Seoul Korea. We stumbled upon MINISO, a chain store from China (its a common misconception that it is from Japan but its actually from China) which sells low priced goods such as toys and even stationery. Curious, we purchased two of their products to do a review. 

Both pens are double tipped and come in around 20 colors each. The Aquarelle Brush pen is water based whilst the Color marker is alcohol based. They retail for 700won and 900won [About 70cents and 90cents] respectively. 


Our Thoughts

Both products are extremely cheap and the color we purchased is unique enough to own. The downside is that they falter greatly in performance in comparison to their counterparts like alcohol based markers from COPIC or water based markers from KURETAKE when using them for artwork. However if you are only looking to add a pop of color to your journals or scrapbooks without breaking the bank then its worth giving these a go.

Have you tried these? How did you find them?


  1. MINISO isn't a chain store from Japan...?

  2. The Coffee DrinkerJuly 14, 2017 at 2:38 PM

    No its not from Japan and you won't find a store easily in Japan either :)