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Friday, June 23, 2017

Xyron 'create-a-sticker' maker

You know how sometimes you pick up a cute sheet of paper, or scrapbooking die cuts and wish it came in a sticker instead so you can put it in your travel kit? You could carry a glue stick but that seems counterproductive. 

I like a clean, easy to use kit so I was excited to discover the Xyron sticker maker (mine is the pink breast cancer ribbon edition). It's compact size means you can take it with you or store it easily. You do need to purchase refills but at 6.1m long, that will last you a while. It doesn't require batteries and it's simple to use. 

How to use: 

  1. Pick your graphic and cut it out (I use the gyro cut, you can use a regular craft blade or scissors) 
  2. Drop it in the Xyron
  3. Slowly pull at the end of the cartridge on the other end
  4. Tear off the bit with your graphic
  5. Light rub the area that has your graphic to make sure the adhesive has transferred
  6. Peel off the plastic 
  7. Use sticker or store for use later! 

Plan in advance to maximise use of the adhesive and make multiple stickers on a single sheet, as there is a piece between where your sheet starts and where you tore off the last piece (see picture in slideshow with 'this bit') that goes to waste. 

Happy sticker creating!

*Paper used is from Daiso's sakura collection 

For other ways to create your own stickers, see here & here.


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