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Friday, October 6, 2017

5 pastel stationery you'll need for #studyinspo

Even though summer has ended, pastel is still everywhere. No complaints there :D
I've chosen these 5 pastel stationery that will inspire anything you're doing, from studying to bullet journalling. 

1. Daiso Summer Post Its - Daiso has been releasing really amazing stationery recently. This collection was super cute. Besides post its, which come in paper or plastic, there were also notebooks, pencil cases and washi tape. 

2. Stabilo [link] and Zebra Mildliner [link] Pastel Highlighters - Both well known brands with great highlighters! 

3. Tsukineko Soramame Stamping Ink [link] - The soramame line is one of the lesser known stamp inkpads. These have an amazing colour palette and are travel friendly. If you're putting together a kit, I recommend these. 

4. MT Tape [link] - MT tape is perfect for many things, but none more so for use in a notebook. I love the pastel series for labelling. 

5. TN5C Sticker Folder [link] - New in our store, these pastel sticker folders have 20 clear pockets. They come in 2 other designs/colours.

What's your favourite pastel stationery? We'd love to know


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