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Friday, October 20, 2017

December 2017 Subscription Box: Goals

As December looms, we are all inclined to look back on the year.
We ask ourselves questions like;

How has it treated us?
Has it been good? Has it been bad? Has it been unexpected?
How have we treated it?
Have we spent our time wisely? Have we squandered it? Have we achieved our goals?

And most importantly, we ask ourselves;

How can we do better next year?

This month’s box is all about reflecting over the year that has been 2017 and getting ready for 2018.

Because good preparation is half the battle won.
So let’s end the year with a bang and get started on the next.

This Box includes: 

  1. Two sheets of planner stickers*
  2. A sheet of illustrated stickers* 
  3. A sheet of 'list of 5' stickers*
  4.  A sheet of monthly stickers
  5. One black bulldog clip (M size)
  6. One marble pattern post it note pad (30 sheets, 2 colours, randomly given) 
  7. One notebook insert* - Available in 5 sizes. 

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