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Friday, April 12, 2019

Review: Daiso Korea Calligraphy Pens

We really enjoy reviewing Daiso Japan stationery, they've always got a great selection of items for a great price. 
But did you know Daiso Korea is slightly different from Daiso Japan?

They carry a similar range but with variations. They also have their own specific to Daiso Korea product lines and the prices are not fixed though it is within a reasonable range. 

We went to Seoul recently and picked up a lot of cool stationery so there might a few posts like this. 

What did I pick up? Calligraphy pens. 

It comes in 3 different sets of varying colours and the pens are dual tip. One side is a 3mm brush pen, the other is a 2.2mm flat tip marker. 

Each pen has a 'whiteman' brand and states that it is archival quality, water based, odorless and xylene free. 

It is also made in Korea and each set costs 2000won which is roughly USD1.80, a really good price for 4 pens I have to say. 

The first set includes a black, a blue, a red and a green. Colours that remind you on a typical school or office environment. 

The second set includes a bright green, bright orange, bright yellow that is almost highlighter-like and a bright pink. A very summery neon set. 

The final set consists of a light blue, a purple, a muted orange and a muted pink. 

Out of the 3 sets, this is my favourite. I feel the colours are more unique, the muted orange really speaks to me. 

In terms of use, the brush is shorter than a Tombow brush pen but just as flexible. 
I'm no lettering specialist but I could create the same type of lettering as I would with a Tombow brush pen. Which would make this a good choice for a beginner but don't quote me on that. 

The flat tip is not something I'm used to but I found it easy to use as well. 

The ink runs thru the pen well and the colour is sharp and beautiful. 
It is indeed odorless as stated as well. 

Overall, the pens are great value for money. If you're into brush pens, I recommend you pick these up if you're near a Daiso in Korea! 


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