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Friday, April 19, 2019

Travel Folder Part One : Set Up

One of our favorite ways to chronicle our travels is to save ephemeral we encounter each day. However sometimes it can be hard to remember what day we collected each item. To help with that, I've begun using a travel folder and today's blog post will be about how I have set mine up!

 To start, here is the folder I have used. Its about A6 size with 12 sections inside. 
To personalize it, I have used a gold transfer sticker on it as a decoration.

I have also added numbers to each pocket tab by using my trusty labeler. 

Each pocket will be used for each day of the trip but I have also included some items which I find useful to bring along on trips.  
These include
1. sticky memo paper
2. small stickers
4. grid paper for writing daily thoughts/snippets
5. Sticker Release Paper for stickers/labels I collect along the way (Buy Here)
6. Pen 

To see it in action, do look out for Part 2 where I will show you how I used it on a trip! 


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