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Friday, June 14, 2019

New find! Stick'n

There is a store in Singapore called Popular, a bookstore best known for school books and supplies. 
I shop there pretty often, I buy office supplies, snacks, cute stationery and even phone cables.

The other day, whilst looking for some new pens, I came across a range of fusen that I had never seen before. 

Stick'n, as it turns out, is a Taiwanese fusen brand. 

Popular had everything from normal paper fusen to index tabs, film fusen, roll paper fusen and even fusen pockets, which we'll discuss in a bit. 

I picked up 3 items. 

Decorative film fusen inspired by famous fruits of Taiwan, pocket film fusen and fusen index tabs. 

 Out of the 3, the fusen index tabs were my least favourite, simply because it is so big and that makes it inconvenient to use. 

The pocket film fusen is really interesting. 
You can use it to hold pieces of paper anywhere in your notebook, receipts instantly comes to mind. 
You can also use it as a temporary frame and because it's film, it's reusable and can be written on. 

There are also 2 types in the 1 package. One has a tab, and the other is a plain pocket. 

I used the pocket fusen here to hold my laundry docket in place, so I don't forget to pick it up. 
Very useful! 

However, I do wish the colour selection is a bit better, but it is quite subtle when you attach it to a notebook page so that's not a big dealbreaker. 

The decorative film fusen is also really cute. 
The material is conducive to colouring, great for that pop of colour on your notebook pages. 

So if you see this brand out, you should definitely look out for some of these items! 
Are you already a fan of Stick'n? What's your favourite product? 


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