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Friday, June 7, 2019

Review: Daiso Neon color fusen collection

Another day, another trip to Daiso, another new cute collection! 

I picked up a few pieces from the Neon color fusen collection, but the full collection looks like the above picture. 

The square one is film whilst the other 2 are paper. 

The size of the fusen is what really I was really interested in. 

I had recently begun using a Jibun Techo, and finding stickers/fusen that would fit in its narrow columns was proving to be a challenge, so I bought these Daiso ones, hoping they would fit. 

And they did! 

I loved that the back of the fusen was 80% adhesive, this made it easy to peel and stick.
The colours of all the designs also worked well together. 

Writing on the fusen is easy, although like other film type fusen, a marker is required. 
The paper fusen performed well too.

If you have a Jibun Techo or a similar notebook, I would definitely recommend these.

For reference, the width of these are 1in/2.5cm and 1in/2.5cm tall for the film and 0.4in/1cm tall for the paper fusen. 


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