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Friday, August 30, 2019

Livework Color on Color Twinpen vs Daiso Korea Twinpen

Daiso, like all dollar store/100yen stores carries a selection of items that look like other well known products.

On my last trip to Korea, I saw a few things at Daiso that looked familiar, including this set of Twinpens. 

The set contains 4 Twinpens for 2000KRW, roughly 1.65USD.

Each pen has a highlighter side and a thin marker side, all the sides are a unique colour corresponding to the pen barrel and not repeated on the other side of the pen. 

Look familiar? This is the Livework Color on Color Twinpen, which I think is what inspired the Daiso Twinpens. 

The pen barrel has the same ombre effect, it also has a highlighter and a thin marker side.
 However, Livework has 1 additional pen unlike the Daiso set. 

The pen barrel colours may be different (Livework's is brighter than Daiso's), but swatched next to each other the pen inks are almost identical. 

If only the Daiso set had 1 more pen!

Usage wise, Daiso's twinpens are not as smooth as Livework's but that's not a dealbreaker I feel.
It might be because the Daiso pens are newer.

Also, did I mention Daiso's Twinpens are 1/4 the price of the Livework set? 

Therefore, if you are trying to decide between these 2 sets, go with the Daiso set. 

It's value for money and good quality! 


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