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Friday, February 7, 2020

Review: Dear Kitchen Tape Cutter by Nichiban

I use stationery in every part of my life, especially the kitchen. 
Labelling is such an important part of organising a kitchen. 

I've always used washi tape to label but I recently discovered this line of 'Dear Kitchen' tape by Nichiban. 

There are a number of different items in this line. 
I purchased the tape cutter and another roll of tape with it's own magnet holder. 

First up, the tape cutter also includes a magnet and it is much stronger than the smaller magnet. 

You don't really need the tape cutter, the tape can just as easily be torn by hand much like washi tape. 

The tape cutter does mean tearing tape with one hand is fuss free with the addition of a slanted blade. 

Also, I hear you asking, how is it different from washi tape? 

It's plastic instead of paper which means it is more water resistant and will last longer. 
However, this means that water based pens will not work with the tape, the best pen to use is a permanent marker. 

Overall, it's a great addition to any kitchen. 
Easy to use, easy to write and looks great, it even comes in an array of different designs. 

I know I could use a labeller and I do own one but writing on tape is so much more convenient. 

Do you prefer tape or labels? 

Bonus, it has a notch for you to attach your pen. They've thought of everything! 


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