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Friday, February 14, 2020

Review : SEED Color Correction Tape

Just when I thought correction tape was pretty much all the same, Japanese stationery brand puts out COLOR correction tape. Available in 6 colors, I picked up 3 of the ones I figured I would most likely use.

From left : pink, kraft and black

They work pretty much exactly the same as their white-out counterparts; dispensing opaque tape but with color. 

One of the most obvious uses is to cover up writing mistakes but now you can use it on non white backgrounds to further hide your mistakes! The kraft one works wonderfully on...kraft paper. XD

Another excellent use in your journal would be as a highlighter or fusen whereby you can write on top of the surface with any pen you have. Makes for a wonderful pop of color!
The official website also suggests one can use it in giftwrapping, decorating, scrapbooking etc!
Have you come across these tapes? What have you been using them for?


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