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Friday, April 17, 2020

Review: Monami Color Twin Brush

Monami is a Korean stationery company, they make pens, artist supplies and office supplies.
I've reviewed their live color DIY pens previously and loved them so when I saw these brush pens, I had to pick them up, it certainly helped that they were on sale too. 

There are 3 sets to choose from, each with an array of beautiful colours. 

First, each pen has brushes on both ends, which is different from most brush pens, which has a brush on one end and a fine tip marker on the other.  
The end with the pen's colour indicated has the bigger brush and the other end is a smaller brush. 

Initial impressions are that the brushes are quite pliable, even more so than the Tombow brush pen. 
The colours are very pigmented, bright and they flow easily. 

The 'Sea' set has 4 blue, 1 blue green and 1 grey. 

The 'Flower' set has 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 beige, 2 pinks and 1 red. 

The 'Forest' set has 3 greens,  1 teal, 1 brown and 1 black. 

I found the brushes to be too soft for my liking but that's a personal choice. 
These pens would be great for colouring and projects that require pigmented pens.

Overall, a great set to pick up if you see it and need some more colours to use, not totally unique but still great! 


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