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Friday, July 22, 2022

Review : SSUEIM&CCLIM Write In Cursive Script Book

Last year, I reviewed a Korean Calligraphy practice book from SSUEIM&CCLIM and today I will be reviewing the Write in Cursive Script version.

The biggest difference between those two books is that this book is practicing the english alphabet [whilst the other was Korean characters] However, like the other book, all instructions are given in Korean. But its pretty self explanatory so you need not worry even if you cannot read Korean.

[As with the other book]
The author suggests using anything you are comfortable with, such as ball pen, brush pen and even pencil. Thankfully, the paper is very thick so there is no need to worry about ink going through it or ghosting on the other side.

The pictures accompanying all the text you have to practice writing, is as lovely as ever!

After finishing the first book, I was extremely excited to find this other version! Now I'm keeping a lookout to see if I can find anymore whilst I continue practicing!
What about you?
Would you try these out?


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