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Friday, July 15, 2022

Pochitto6 Push Button Stamp by Kodomo no Kao

Button X Stamp

That's the tagline of the really cute Pochitto6 by Kodomo no Kao.  

It's an easy to press button shaped stamp set. 

Each Pochitto6 has 6 different symbol stamps, each one is self inking and can be used independently. 

At the moment of this blogpost, there are 12 different sets available. 

The 3 I have are the 'Attention here!', 'Notebook and stationery' and 'Schedule book'.  

Other sets available include 'Fruits', 'Healthcare' and 'Baby health', all very useful for diaries.

Strangely enough, the one symbol I would like, a telephone for when I schedule work calls, is not featured on any of the existing sets. 

Another minor thing is that the sets are fixed, the designs are not interchangeable. 
But they do come with a cover which makes them very portable, you can stick them in a pencil case easily. 

I test printed the stamps and on a flat surface they performed pretty well.
It takes a few tries to get the pressure right, too much and it smudges and bleeds. 

According to the packaging, you use water based pens on the black and white stamps to add colour, which is pretty cool. 

I also tested the stamps in my diary 

Unfortunately, the pages are not as flat so it required different pressure, also, depending on the paper there might be a bit of bleeding. 

Overall, I think these are cute novelty stamps, great if you don't have your stamp collection within arm's reach usually. 

I'm still hoping for a phone symbol. I hope they release more of these. 

What do you think? Is this something you might be interested in? 



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