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Friday, April 2, 2021

Review: Hightide Vertical Utility Pouch


Today, I am here to convince you to buy a hightide vertical utility pouch. 
If you're like me, you probably already own a horizontal pouch. 

The vertical pouch is quite similar to the horizontal in the following ways: 

It has many internal pockets. 

Your slim A5 notebook will fit in it! 

Many useful external pockets. 

Unfortunately, an A5 slim folder will not fit. 

but your TN will fit!

There's a nice pocket at the back, perfect for your phone or easy access to your notebook. 

loops for keychains or a bag strap. 

Loops on both sides for keychains or a strap

If you compare the size, it does look smaller and it looks like it has less pockets.

Length wise, the horizontal pouch will fit your longer notebooks/notebooks with covers and full A5 size notebooks. 

But my favourite thing about the vertical utility pouch, is that it will fit in my vertical bag. 
The horizontal pouch doesn't always fit, so that can make changing bags difficult. 

Also, I love the yellow of the vertical pouch. It looks so vibrant. 

Do you own a hightide pouch? What's your favourite colour? 


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