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Friday, April 23, 2021

Review : Pentel FITLINE for Clena Highlighters


If you are like me, you probably use up a lot of highlighters on a regular basis. So like me, you must be curious about new highlighters out there too. Today I'm going to review Pentel FITLINE for Clena Highlights. 

Clena pens by Pentel feature an otona [Japanese for adult or grown up] design targeted at fashionable young ladies. Needless to say, the highlighter line is the same and has a very feminine classy look.

The highlighter is double ended with the usual wide highlighter tip on one end and a pen like nib on the other for writing. 

The colors in the range are :
  • soft red
  • soft blue
  • mint green
  • gray
Here are the swatches : 

So how does it compare to the ever favorite mildliner range which costs the same? Well, the colors are rather pigmented compared to those offered by mildliner. Function wise, both are about the same. However the cream packaging makes it look more expensive than the white which mildliner comes in. 

Won't you give these a try next time?


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