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Friday, May 7, 2021

Review : Kokuyo RAKU HARI double sided tape dispenser

Everyone has probably heard of glue tape dispensers but have you tried a double sided tape dispenser?

Today, I'll tell you about Kokuyo's RAKU HARI double sided tape dispenser!

The principle is pretty basic and similar to the conventional glue tape dispenser. However since it is double sided tape, can you use it with more than just plain paper! Got problems attaching heavy cardstock? Or plastic? How about metal or glass surfaces? This is the tape for you.

And if you are dealing with a large volume of items, this makes it so much easier. There is no need to remove any release paper [as with a conventional roll of double sided tape]. Not only does that mean you can get through your work a lot faster, it will also save your nails from hurting during the process of trying to peel the release paper off. No release paper would also mean there is nothing that needs to be cleared or disposed of.

The dispenser is also refillable (making it cost effective in the long run).
A good addition to anyone's stationery stash.


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