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Friday, May 14, 2021

Review: Tintone Seal/Tape/Fusen

I picked these up a while ago. They are cut masking tape, film fusen and planner stickers by Tintone. 

I was really drawn to them by the attractive packaging and pretty colours. 
I like that the CMYK code is written for the cut masking tape and film fusen. 

On the back of each item is a useful illustration for recommended usage and other tips. 
For example, the cut masking tape can be used as labels too!

The cut masking tape colour palette is very sunset-y. Each strip is a pretty gradient.
Each set is 4 colours with 10 sheets each. 

The stickers come in 2 sheets, 10 each of 9 colours. 
The colours come through really nicely with 100% transparency.

The film fusen is my favourite of the 3, I have to say. 

I bought it in 2 shapes, square and heart and they both fit perfectly in the monthly page of my Midori professional planner. Each set has 4 colours of 20 sheets each.

The surface of this fusen is matte and takes normal pen ink. 
Although some waiting is required or the writing will smudge. 

In conclusion, if the colours are something that will fit your colour scheme, this is definitely worth picking up. 


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