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Friday, June 10, 2022

Review: Daiso 9 hole compact loose leaf refills


I love it when I find things at Daiso that works with things I already own. 
And since it's Daiso, this means affordable options! 

Maruman, famous for their loose leaf notebook systems, has a mini version of said system. 
The binder comes in a few different options but I'm quite the fan of the INTO-ONE mini binder system

Sidenote: we've reviewed the minimini system here.

Back to the refills from Daiso.

There are 5 types (that I'm aware off). Each has the same 9 holes as the Maruman refills and each pack has 50 sheets, which is pretty generous! By comparison, Maruman refill packs come with 100 sheets. 

Above, we have 4 sections and 3 sections. The layout for these are double sided. 

Here we have dot grid and checklist (design is double sided) and the last one is a free diary (the back is dot grid. 

By the way, you don't have to commit to the mini system, these will work as inserts on any of the loose leaf systems such as the original A4 30 holes and the A5 20 holes. 

I compared the Daiso inserts to the Maruman ones and besides a slight colour difference (Daiso's is whiter), the feel and thickness of both appear to be similar. 

The mini system in action! I like having different options for the inserts, it makes the notebook more useful. 

Also useful to note, the only 2 layouts that Maruman also has are the free diary and checklist

The 3 divide is great for day planning, I used it here for meal planning. 

The 4 divide can be used for storyboarding, also sketching and uh, SWOT analysis

Dot grid doesn't really need an explanation, free diary covers planning for an entire day and checklist is perfect for people like me, I make lists constantly!

I also feel the free diary would also work as a checklist or a monthly planner (take over some of the to do list column to make it 31 days and I reckon that works) 

I'm so glad Daiso has released these, I hope they won't be difficult to find in the future so I can continue buying refills. 

Are you a loose leaf user? What's your favourite size? 


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