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Friday, June 3, 2022

Review: MIDORI Quick Tape Cutter (Masking Tape Dispenser)

A while back, we reviewed the NICHIBAN Masking Tape Dispenser and today we review another! This time made by Japanese stationery brand Midori. It is a dispenser that can quickly feed the tape and cut the cut end cleanly with a light force.
It can cut masking tape neatly with the same length. 
It is a convenient item that solves the problem of finding the cut end of the tape.
Keeps the tape clean.
Makes it easy to use for purposes like wrapping.

To use it, simply pull the slider and 2cm of tape will be sent out. There is a cutter blade on the upper side of the tape outlet, and you can cut the tape cleanly with a light force by pulling the tape upward.

It is also possible to pull the tape and pull it out to any length before cutting with aforementioned cutter.
Due to size, it is only for masking tape width 12 ~ 15mm. 
Masking tape with an inner diameter of less than 25 mm and an outer diameter of more than 54 mm cannot be used.

With a built-in magnet, it can be fastened to metal surfaces so you do not need to worry about storage space.
Personally I have found this extremely useful and have purchased another for use in the kitchen as well.
It is a lot more compact that the Nichiban version so if you were trying to choose between the two, I would recommend this. ^^


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