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Friday, November 4, 2022

Review: Kyoei Orions Belt LOR Ruler


When I have time, I like to take my time to look through the out of the way corners of the stationery stores. 
That's how I found this ruler. 

It's a Left or Right ruler by Kyoei Plastic Co Ltd. 

It's not just a product for left handed people, I think there are great real world applications for this sort of ruler. 

Let me explain. 

I purchased the 15cm plastic version of the ruler. 
It also comes in 20cm and there is an aluminium edition as well. 

As you can see above, one side looks like a regular ruler, 0 on the left all the way to 15cm on the right. 

Flip it around and you get the ruler in the reverse,  which is pretty interesting. 
I sometimes have to measure stuff backwards and I think the reverse side is really useful. 

It has 2 other features:
1. The material is an acrylic that has an anti viral coating
2. You can use it to read lines of text more easily

I think it's a really interesting product, suitable for both right and left handed people. 

What do you think? Is this something you might use? 


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