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Friday, May 12, 2023

Review: Rollbahn Flexible


Modular notebooks are great! If you're like me and constantly tearing pages out of notebooks, a modular system is easier to organise and use. 

The Rollbahn Flexible attracted me with it's hardcover notebook shell. 

I picked up the notebook shell, which comes with 40 sheets of grid layout paper and 1 notebook sleeve.
I also picked up a set of refill sheets in the grid layout and a set of 5 pockets. 

The Rollbahn Flexible system comes in 2 sizes, L and A5, and has quite a few options for refills. 

You can get a short width to do list, 4 section layout, lined layout and even a meeting layout. 
For accessories, there are the pockets, section dividers, shitajiki and a pocket with a zipper closure. 
There's also a file for archiving pages, that seems pretty handy!

Let's start with the cover, the front and back are hardcovers with a soft spine that holds the wire binder. 

There's also an elastic band for keeping the notebook closed which I find really helpful. 

Inside, there are 2 built in semi-opaque plastic sheets. As a default, these are placed before and after the paper but I'm sure you can move the paper around to utilise these are dividers. 

Unlike the refills, these are not removable. 

The refills are secured onto a partial wire spine, 4 rings and the top and bottom of the notebook. 
I found that this was a great idea as trying to fit paper into a fill wire spine seems pretty time consuming. 

The included pocket is also removable. 
The plastic is pretty thick and of good quality.

I can't believe I wrote all the above without mentioning the Rollbahn signature paper. 

It's a deeper cream than Midori so cream correction tape does not work well on Rollbahn paper. 
Rollbahn has their own correction tape so if it's something you use often, make sure to pick it up. 

Overall, I'm looking forward to using this modular notebook system, the paper is really nice and the inserts and details are well thought out.
I do wish the plastic divider was removable but that's a minor issue. 

What do you think of the Rollbahn Flexible? Is this a system you might invest in?


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