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Friday, May 5, 2023


Japanese Stationery brand Sunstar has made a new type of ruler called "YUBITECT" to protect those who use rulers with their cutters.

What makes it different? It comes with a guard that protects your fingertips!
At one point in time, almost everyone must have injured their hands before when cutting with a cutter and ruler. This can help eliminate some of the anxiety.

When you open the guard plate on the surface, it becomes a guard that protects your fingertips; allowing you to use the cutter safely.

The Other perks include
  • The reverse side has a fine anti-slip matte finish for an anti-slip effect.
  • The ruler size is 17cm, which is perfect for a B5 notebook (approximately W179 x H252mm).
  • The main body is an acrylic material with high transparency that allows you to see clearly and makes it easy to draw lines.
However if you are left handed like myself, it does cause some hinderance. You can flip the ruler about but the numbers will be upside down. However if you are ok with that, it will still work just fine!

Overall, I think this is a useful item especially! What do you think?


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