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Friday, June 9, 2023

Review : DAISO Premium Notebook Series

Recently, Japanese store DAISO has been mentioned a lot on SNS because of their premium notebook series. Needless to say, we simply had to check it out for ourselves as well!

Here is what we got
The series has quite a big lineup.
There is 5mm grid, 5mm dot and 5mm lined and plain versions in 2 sizes A6 and B6.

This series is MADE IN JAPAN with a cover reminiscent of the expensive Japanese notebook brand NOBLE. The paper used is smooth to touch and slightly yellow.

We did a ink test on the paper using several different pens.
As you can see below, other than the copic pen and oil marker, the rest do not seep through the paper at all!
What do you think?
Have you tried this series?


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